NeuViz 16 Essence 16-Slice CT Scanner System The NeuViz 16 Essence is the latest example of Neusoft’s commitment to innovation and value. Technology once reserved for high end CT systems is now available in a 16 slice platform. Being able to afford this level of technology will allow clinicians to deliver a higher [...]


NeuViz 64-Slice CT Scanner System Flagship product, innovative design, more benefits... The design of NeuViz 64 In/En is based on Neusoft Medical System's two decades of technology development and the experience gained from more than 5000 customers using Neusoft technology. The NeuViz 64 In/En was designed in collaboration with a German industrial engineering [...]


NeuViz 128 128-Slice CT Scanner System Remarkable Clarity and Precision The NeuViz 128 represents the latest state of Neusoft technological innovation. This existing NEW product delivers increased value by reducing operating costs and improving work flow through the intelligent use of advanced clinical technology. NeuViz 128 brings the remarkable clarity and precision to [...]


NeuViz 16 Classic 16-Slice CT Scanner System Premium performance, industry leading technology at an AFFORDABLE price! NeuViz 16 classic is the latest Neusoft [...]