NeuSight PET/CT

The NeuSight PET/CT is the latest innovation from Neusoft Medical Systems.Combined anatomic and functional imaging with qualified design and technology,multiple molecular imaging function for tumor, brain and heart scanning to fully study the disease. Large port and dual pillar bed to improve patient comfort and scanning experience. Fine technology for data collection provides improved scan speed and accuracy for analysis. Integrated molecular imaging platform with advanced workstation, data management and analysis system.  Qualified design, scanning, accurate imaging and multiple functions to satisfied diverse needs in clinic.

Advanced design provides greater control


  • Industrial design is from the German team. Bring the patient and the operator a better sense of quality.
  • Gantry aperture: up to 720mm,the max. gantry aperture among the conventional PET/CTs,care the patient ‘s feeling and lower claustrophobia.
  • Industrys first dual pillar bed body can secure the bed body rise and movement stability and accuracy. Because the bed plate movement distance is long and arm is big, during PET/CT general check, our patented technology of dual pillar bed plate will secure the bed sink below zero in the entire patient check.

Digital signal processing detector modules and exquisite imaging


  • BGO crystal:no local radioactivity, the purest crystal, the highest sensitivity.
  • Array output,improve photoelectric conversion efficiency, improve system sensitivity and system temporal resolution. From the angle of clinical demand, emphasize average FOV resolution.
  • IPIE technology can improve spatial resolution and accuracy information. PET consists of multiple detection modules, the system will have an energy self-checking program, securing the system in a normal scanning state.

Internally Self Shielded quality control Source


  • Abiding Time Distance and shielding ALARA rules Zero Human interaction requirement of any manual installation and commissioning for Daily QC
  • A compact integration of built-in quality control Source and self-shielding system, safe and pragmatic
  • Simplifying the quality control flow and make it effective and time-saving
  • Minimizing radiation exposure, which is of utmost important for healthcare professionals.

Core Technology matching provides more accurate information for diagnosis

  • PDR (Point Diffusion Recovery) algorithm is aimed at modeling the point spreading function, and improving the image spatial resolution by incorporating reconstruction methods.
  • CT extended FOV : CT provides a 70cm transaxial view attenuation correction value for PET to get clearer images, which is not restricted body size
  • Low dose CTAC : Decrease CT scanning voltage and current to achieve low radiation dose and can be used in CT attenuation correction for PET

Innovation& Easy to use


  • 21:9 Oversized curved workstation, creating a comfortable visual experience with crossover innovation, widescreen acquisition, free switching and one-key workflow for automatic quantitative analysis.
  • PET/CT assistant application platform is provided for the convenience of clinical application. With the help of mobile terminal equipment PAD, the nurse, radiographer and operator are connected efficiently, and zero time delay and smart wireless operation are realized. This is pioneering in the industry.

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