NeuViz 128 128-Slice CT Scanner System

Remarkable Clarity and Precision

The NeuViz 128 represents the latest state of Neusoft technological innovation. This existing NEW product delivers increased value by reducing operating costs and improving work flow through the intelligent use of advanced clinical technology. NeuViz 128 brings the remarkable clarity and precision to CT imaging.

Exclusive Quad Sampling and Micro-STAR detector enables High resolution imaging

  • Quad-Sampling: By dynamically moving the focal spot axially and longitudinally, sampling density is increased 400%, thus having improved resolution, reduced artifact and extended scanning ranges.
  • Micro-STAR detector:The newly designed detector is improved with higher sensitivity, which can largely increase the dose efficiency and stability while with minimized electronic noise.

High resolution imaging chain

  • iHD(isotropic High Definition): The iHD function can improve the spatial resolution of the system, through which a high resolution recon of 24lp/cm@0%MTF can be achieved.
  • 1024 matrix imaging: The technique can support 1024×1024 reconstruction matrix, a much higher resolition compared with general 512×512 matrix.
  • MAR+: MAR+ changes the algorithms in the abnormal area with high pixel value by creating the human mode. It removes the highlighted artifact and returns it to the real tissue structure.

Comprehensive low dose design with ClearView adds diagnostic certainty to low dose imaging

  • ClearView: An advanced iterative algorithm for double spaces, of which one is for original raw data space and another one is for image space. With three levels of Slight, Standard and Ultra, we can get perfect image quality with lower dose.
  • Organ Safe:Reduces dose to radiosensitive organs such as eyes, thyroid and breasts.
  • 240° Exposure: Avoids direct exposure to operators while doing interventional or biopsy process and decreases operation risk.

Robust, low dose cardiac imaging

  • CMC(Coronary Motion Artifact Clear): Neusoft lastest algorithm can correct cardiac based on the modeling of coronary vascular motion tracing, which offers accurate cardiac imaging and significantly improves the temporal resolution.
  • Arrhythmia Handling:The device would exposure and collect data during a certain preset period of R-R in the process of cardiac step scan. When the premature beat occurs in the subject’s heart, the device could automatically recognize the signal of it and stop exposure and collecting data waiting for the next normal cardiac cycle to do the exposure again, which avoids the mistake of the data collection in certain heart area due to premature beat and the problem of the unachieved image of the completed coronary artery.

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