NeuViz 16 Essence 16-Slice CT Scanner System

The NeuViz 16 Essence is the latest example of Neusoft’s commitment to innovation and value. Technology once reserved for high end CT systems is now available in a 16 slice platform. Being able to afford this level of technology will allow clinicians to deliver a higher level of patient care.

Newly designed detector: more raw data can be acquired, high definition images can be achieved.

  • Increased detector coverage results in greater anatomical coverage per rotation, decreasing scan time and patient dose.
  • Adaptive collimation adjusts scan modes to reduce patient dose.
  • Minimizing exam time improves image quality by reducing motion and pulsatory artifacts.

Full scan, Low Dose Solutions

  • ClearView: An advanced iterative algorithm for double spaces, of which one is for original raw data space and another one is for image space. With three levels of Slight, Standard and Ultra, we can get perfect image quality with lower dose.
  • ACS (Automatic Current Selection): Optimizes the dose for each patient based on the planned scan by suggesting the lowest possible mAs settings to maintain constant image quality at low dose throughout the exam.
  • Dose Modulation: Automatically controls the tube current (mA) longitudinally and rotationally, increasing the signal over areas of higher attenuation to maintain constant image noise and decreasing signal over area of less attenuation to save radiation dose.
  • 240° Exposure: Avoids direct exposure to operators while doing interventional or biopsy process and decreases operation risk.
  • Organ Safe: Avoid direct exposure to some sensitive organs, for example lens, thyroid, galactophore, gonad etc.

5.3MHU tube heat capacity, large range vessels and multi-phase procedures can be done

  • Patented technology for dynamic focusing Dynamic Focal Spot enables ultra-high spatial resolution in axial and spiral scanning by sampling two fan beams alternately, doubling the reconstruction data samples.

Advanced workstations share the planform with 64 slice CT

  • Vessel Analysis
  • Nerve System DSA
  • Brain Perfusion
  • Body Perfusion
  • Lung Nodule Analysis
  • Lung Density Evaluation
  • Tumor Evaluation
  • Fat Analysis
  • Virtual Colonoscopy.

Modelos adicionales