NeuViz 64-Slice CT Scanner System

Flagship product, innovative design, more benefits…

The design of NeuViz 64 In/En is based on Neusoft Medical System’s two decades of technology development and the experience gained from more than 5000 customers using Neusoft technology. The NeuViz 64 In/En was designed in collaboration with a German industrial engineering company. NeuViz 64 In/En is patient-oriented, technologist-oriented and radiologist-oriented that delivers a new experience.

Thoughtful design offers you a pleasant aesthetic enjoyment

  • The gantry ring is designed to change colors to inform the patient what phase of the scan they are in. This keeps them aware and informed, reducing anxiety.
  • LCD navigation integrated into the gantry provides a real-time, accurate display of current working status, patient information, breathing navigation as well as ECG and scanning parameters.
  • Entertaining graphics amuse the patient and put them at ease. This is especially effective with pediatric patients.
  • The bold new design of the control panels includes larger knobs which are easier to operate

Unique Quad-Sampling Technology, improves acquisition density and increases scanning speed

  • Quad-Sampling: By dynamically moving the focal spot axially and longitudinally, sampling density is increased 400%, thus having improved resolution, reduced artifact and extended scanning ranges.

Dose Platform combined with ClearView Iterative Reconstruction technology provides true ALARA images

  • ClearView: An advanced iterative algorithm for double spaces, of which one is for original raw data space and another one is for image space. With three levels of Slight, Standard and Ultra, we can get perfect image quality with lower dose.
  • Organ Safe:Reduces dose to radiosensitive organs such as eyes, thyroid and breasts.
  • O-Dose:Optimizes the dose for each patient based on the planned scan by suggesting the lowest possible mAs settings to maintain constant image quality at low dose throughout the exam.
  • Dose Modulation: Automatically controls the tube current (mA) longitudinally and rotationally, increasing the signal over areas of higher attenuation to maintain constant image noise and decreasing signal over area of less attenuation to save radiation dose.

Robust cardiac applications change sophisticated examination into routine scan

  • Cardiac Function Analysis: Provides ventricular functional analysis by calculating the volume and some clinical specifications such as Ejection Fraction (EF), end-diastolic volume (EDV), end-systolic volume (ESV) to value the myocardial perfusion level and give some reference information like reduced cardiac function or heart failure.
  • Cardiac Calcium Scoring: Coronary Calcium Scoring application is used to estimate the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries. It supports Agatston scoring and volume scoring. Through estimation, doctor can forecast the Coronary stenosis and myocardial infarction.

Powerful workstation eases your clinical application with seamless workflow

  • Coronary Analysis
  • Dental Analysis
  • Nerve System DSA
  • Brain Perfusion
  • Body Perfusion
  • Lung Density Evaluation
  • Three-Dimensional Lung Nodule Analysis
  • Virtual Colonoscopy
  • Tumor Evaluation

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