NSM-S15P Superconductive MRI System

NSM-S15P is based on the new innovation technology platform and deep understanding of radiologists’ requirement. The new system is integrated with high technology, comfortable patient experience, fast workflow, and powerful clinical application, to achieve a rapid scanning speed but high resolution imaging,speeding up the overall efficiency of more than 30%.

High hardware configuration

  • Innovative magnet with high homogeneity, 50cm FOV. The magnet weight is only 2.9t
  • Powerful gradient system with 35 mT/m Strength and 136 mT/m/ms Slew rate
  • 16ch effective RF system with SENSE technology. 360-degree transmitter coil achieves targeting excitation.

Fast workflow and imaging

  • Icon-driven and intuitive scanning software
  • Customized and preset clinical application scancards
  • DICOM 3.0, easy to support PACS
  • Fast 2 minutes exame scheme.

Ecological and Economic Design

  • Minimized site layout
  • Lower running cost with permanent-solid cold head
  • Mature and stable magnet with lower heliu boil off rate.

User friendly design

  • Optimized magnet length, claustrophobia-relieving
  • T/R large body core
  • Softone acoustic noise reduction technology
  • Powerful fetus scanning.

Powerful clinical application

  • Abundant advanced imaging technology with THRIVE, DWI, DIXON, FMRI, B-FFE…

Modelos adicionales